disagreements don't kill relationships -
behaviors Do
Find out how hidden behaviors can be the biggest mistakes you can make with each other - and how to protect your relationship from them.

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 "This was like 20 years of marriage counseling in a box."

My first married clients were a marriage counselor and his wife who had fought for over 30 years despite doing +200 hours of marriage counseling.  They took our professional grade couples assessment. When we met by phone, in 15 minutes I showed them the bad-behavior "Biggest Mistake" they were making. In the next 5 minutes, I trained them on the good behavior "better way to relate" that would work for them. Six months later they called and told me: NO MORE FIGHTS. Good behaviors had replaced bad. 

The marriage counselor husband said, "Chris this was like twenty years of marriage counseling in a box. But we got more out two hours with you explaining our assessment results than we did in twenty years of marriage counseling. You revealed the puzzling dynamics that we have never been able to understand. Plus, you showed us how to stop fighting.”

His wife simply said, "I'm stunned. This was profoundly helpful."


Chris Shaver is a Certified Birkman Consultant. The Birkman Method is a professional grade personality assessment used by the top companies on earth for over 70 years. The former Chairman of the Board of Ford Motor Company once called it the "best-kept secret of big business."

Chris has ten years of experience working with couples uniquely translating Birkman's profoundly accurate "your personality at work" into "your personality in a loving relationship."

Chris says, "Birkman's research found 22 pairs of opposite behaviors that trip couples up and tear them apart. Once you get a handle on these and how to peacefully manage them in your relationship, the fun and love come back and life is easy." 


Do you struggle in your relationship with "not getting" each other? Is it a mystery to you why you fight or fall out? Are your fights and fall outs getting more frequent? Taking a bigger toll on your intimacy, trust and respect for each other?

Is your relationship trending in a downward spiral? Or is it just flat with all the sizzle gone?

Our profoundly accurate Birkman assessment and our customized reports will show you step by step a better way to relate to restore the love in your marriage.
As I wrote above, my first married clients were a marriage counselor and his wife who had been making the same Big Mistake with each other for 30 years - despite 20 years of marriage counseling. Now you can take our pro-grade assessment - and in less than one day you will have a rock-solid report on your relationship that details the Biggest Mistakes you can make with each other - and how to avoid them.
 Value: $199   $149
your relationship owners manual
Based on your assessment results, this one-of-a-kind report is the owner's manual to your relationship. I created this to give you everything your need to avoid the three fights in every marriage (the dreaded Respect, Decision-Making, and Energy Fights). You will get a clear set of what you both need from one another to stay at your best and to stay highly motivated to be your best self in a loving relationship.
 Value: $699  $399
yOur relationship deep-dive
This option includes three (up to 2-hour) sessions with me. I will start by giving you a guided tour of your personalities, in-depth, one at a time.. From there we will cover the major areas of your relationship (respect, decision making, authority, control, and the three energies) and more - stopping to discuss what you both need and learning to use the information and the research proven strategies to make all the moving parts fit together during your daily life.  
 Value: $2499 $1999
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